‘riot’ breaks out at NYC high school

Hundreds of students at Murry Bergtraum High School took a stand this week after being told they couldn’t use the bathrooms at school. Fed up with what some say are strict policies, crowds of angry teens rushed the Manhattan school’s halls, creating chaos.

What happened was two students started fighting, and the principal got mad, and closed all the bathrooms, and then all the kids went crazy and just started a riot.

Story via cbs news


Massive Student Uprising Rocks London!

Students in the UK are at it again, escalating their struggle against tuition hikes. As politicians met behind closed doors to approve huge tuition hikes thousands of students and supporters converged around parliament. Police ‘kettled’ and attacked students leading to massive street battles that at one point included protesters attacking Prince Charles’ luxury car as it drove him and his wife Camilla to a theater opening. Police also indiscriminately beat many protesters almost killing 20 year old Alfie Meadows.

The tuition hikes were passed by the backstabbing politicians but students say that their fight will continue!


Meanwhile occupations and resistance continue at the University of Puerto Rico!


One Direction: Broke Rage in post election California

An awesome report on life and insurrection under the crisis economy (with a focus on California though much of this applies here in NY), as well as tactics and strategies to fight back!

via the amazing Modesto Anarcho Crew

Everything that we read and hear about in the mainstream media leads us to believe that the economy is in dire straights. That the excesses of our “socialist” government has pushed us into the red, and that immigrants, unions, and environmentalism are to blame. However, the truth is far from these myths being spun by right-wingers. The economy isn’t failing, in fact it’s doing quite well! You probably didn’t get the memo, but this quarter, Wall Street reported record profits. Meanwhile, many people fight just to get by. Lines for food donations this Thanksgiving stretch around the block in Modesto. Unemployed workers also must wait and see if the government will extend unemployment benefits in the next two days – the deadline being November 30th. As we speak, according to the newspaper Internationalism, “The official unemployment rate in the United States for March was already 10.2%, but if we count those who have given up looking for non-existent jobs, this number is raised to 11.5%, and if we add workers who are employed part-time because they can’t find full-time work, the number is 17.5% of the civilian population.” Meanwhile, prices continues to rise, homes continue to be foreclosed on, and millions are out of work as California has become a leader in unemployment.

Read the whole article here…

And Part 1:

“Losing our fear when there is nothing left to lose”


Anti-crisis strikes and protests throughout Europe, what about here?

Will it be a hot winter in Europe? What about here?

-Students have been stepping up protests in the UK against cuts to education as part of austerity measures.

-In Italy students barricaded themselves inside the leaning tower of Pisa also in protest of austerity measures there.


-“Trades unions brought parts of Portugal to a grinding halt as a general strike shut down most public transport in protest at cuts being introduced to stave off an Irish-style debt crisis”. Read more


Meanwhile in the US unemployment rises and austerity measures continue (fare hikes at CUNY, higher MTA fares) while Corporate profits hit an all time high.

When will we take to the streets?


Student protests heat up again in the UK


A huge (30,000+) March against cuts to education got rowdy once again in London.

Students also began occupations in Universities throughout the UK.

-Read a breakdown of the occupations here

-Read a hilariously offensive mainstream media article of the role of female participants in the anti crisis fight in the UK:  “Rage of the girl rioters: Britain’s students take to the streets again – and this time women are leading the charge”


School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Occupied

The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, has just occupied the Brunei Gallery in protest at rising education fees and swingeing cuts. The occupation was proposed and decided on at an emergency general meeting of the Student’s Union last week.

read more


CUNY Students interrupt Board of Trustees meeting

Second tuition hike in a year, CUNY fights back!



In case you missed it:

we have been m.i.a for a little while, in case you missed it some photos and reports of the Millbank Towers rebellion of 2010:

-A first hand account

-Students vow to continue rioting over fees

-Full round up from Infoshop.org


We are back!

After a long hiatus, we are back!

stay tuned for updates on the anti crisis struggle from the heart of NYC!


“Homes, Not Shelters!” Day of Action in NYC, on Malcolm X’s Birthday

BRONX: 12noon-3pm community gathering in the Bronx, with Rebel Diaz music, food and more — followed by march to CHASE bank, where another banner was dropped, and the crowd began to enter the bank. CHASE WAS FORCED TO CLOSE THEIR DOORS EARLY.

MANHATTAN/BROOKLYN/BRONX—Early on Wednesday morning, the anniversary of Malcolm X’s birth, Picture the Homeless carried out two banner drops.  Transgressing into vacant buildings in Brooklyn and El Barrio, they dropped banners from the top that read “Homes Not Shelters / Casas No Refugios,” and “Let Housing Bloom…berg.”


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