SUNY Students face budget cuts

SUNY Purchase

(from the Brick)

Over the past few years, New York has gone through a budget crisis that has also greatly affected State University of New York students. The crisis is only expected to deepen, and students might face further increases in tuition in the near future.

Representatives of the New York Legislature discussed these issues and the SUNY budget for 2010 in the Red Room on Thursday, Dec. 10. Among the speakers were Assembly Member Amy Paulin and State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer.

“This year was bad but next year is going to be worse,” said Oppenheimer. About 20 to 33 percent of revenues are expected to be lost from New York’s budget. Oppenheimer, who fought against across-the-board budget cuts, which she called “treacherous,” made it abundantly clear that students at Purchase College will soon face an even higher cost for their education.

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SUNY Potsdam:

(from the examiner)

“If students had not already known, then the hundreds of students gathered in the Student Union made it perfectly clear: “Save our SUNY!”

A rally in the Barrington Student Union on December 3 rocked the SUNY Potsdam campus and students desperately trying to make their way to class had no choice but to stop and listen. Over the past year New York Governor David Patterson passed a bill to increase tuition at SUNY schools $620 a year as he called on the SUNY schools to take a stand against the economic crisis. The hardship has hit students at the worst of times, but still students find a way.”

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SUNY Buffalo

(from the Spectrum)

As SUNY continues to deal with Gov. David Paterson’s recently announced $90 million budget cut for the current fiscal year, UB in particular is feeling more of a financial hit than initially anticipated.

In addition to the $15 million cut made to UB’s budget in July/August 2008 and the $6 million cuts implemented in both April and May of 2008 and 2009, the new $90 million cut to the SUNY system will leave UB subtracting an extra $13 million from its budget.

Over the course of the past two years, there has been a nearly 11 percent, or about $40 million, permanent reduction to UB’s total state operating budget.

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