Defend Agustin Castro

(from defend hunter childcare)

Drop the Charges on Agustin Castro!

On Monday December 21, 2009, Hunter student Agustin Castro was unjustly arrested by Hunter College (CUNY) security during a protest against the college’s administration proposed cuts to childcare space and services.  Agustin may be charged with disorderly conduct or more serious charges .

As students, including parents with their children, rallied to defend the Hunter College Children’s Learning Center, which provides childcare for Hunter students, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Eija Ayravainen, showed up inside the Hunter West lobby.  As students tried to move inside to address Dean Ayravainen for supporting the reduction of child care at Hunter, Hunter’s security officers began viciously pushing back against students, trying to force them off their own campus.  Protesters were upset but peaceful as security violently shoved the students, including parents with children, back out of the building.

In the course of this incident, Agustin Castro, was arrested.  He was doing nothing wrong, only peacefully expressing and defending our right to be on campus and speak with the Dean of Student Services.  His arrest was arbitrary and any one present could have been targeted.

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