of ‘varmints’, ‘outside agitators’, privilege, and Hunter College

There has already been much debate about the now infamous walkout at CUNY Hunter March 4th.  The Hunter Word has this article about the vandalism with reporting contributed by an ISO organizer opposed to the indoor demo, and on facebook there is much debate including a facebook page called “don’t fuck with hunter” which calls for solidarity to protect the school against the ‘downtown private school kids’ (read New School and NYU) who allegedly were involved in a nefarious plot to damage the school, further impoverishing students there.

While accusations continue to fly and arrested students face bail, students who have been widely (and we would consider falsely) accused of being the ‘outside agitators’ responsible for damage to Hunter released this statement…

The issue in this debate is not inside/outside agitators, or oppressed/less oppressed — these are disguises for the real issue: the conflict between those who are angry and those who want to control other people’s anger

Read it all

There will undoubtedly be more to this story, and while we encourage this discussion to continue we also realize that these types of conflicts are largely a waste of time considering the larger issues at hand.

That said hopefully those who continue their slander and baseless accusations against others will reconsider their priorities and spend less time starting shit on the internet and more time working to seriously confront the daily crisis that we face living under capitalism.


2 Responses to “of ‘varmints’, ‘outside agitators’, privilege, and Hunter College”

  1. March 8, 2010 at 12:21 am

    Mo one in the ISO contributed to the article in the Hunter Word. A member of the ISO was asked by a reporter if the three activists who were arrested at the rally were hunter students, and confirmed that they were not.

  2. 2 Kal
    March 8, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Just received this from someone I know at Hunter:

    Someone has sent out a false facebook “apology” from Owen Hill’s account about allegedly calling the police on someone at the March 4 demonstration.

    Owen is away from a computer but he urged me to spread the word that this is not true. Someone has hacked into his facebook account to slander him. He wants everybody to know 5 things.

    1) He did not call the police on anybody at the March 4 demonstration. He did not have any interactions with police that day except when they took away his bullhorn.

    2) Anything else that comes from Owen’s facebook account should not be trusted.

    3) Hacking into someone’s email or facebook account to slander them is a serious crime not only to Owen but to our movement.

    4) This is an attempt by somebody, possibly a provocateur, to divide the student movement. Anybody who continues to spread the slander is aiding and abetting this attempt.

    5) At the end of the false “apology” is a false event. There is no meeting at Wednesday 6pm at the ISO club room (which is shared with the African Student Union and Campus Anti-War Network.)

    Please forward this message to anybody you think may have received the slanderous “apology.”

    Let’s see whether this appears – my earlier comment seems not to have made it past moderation. (Did I respond too scornfully to “Anyone who doesn’t understand why someone delights in the sight of a destructed commodity is a merchant or a cop”? Hah.)

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