Pushed by The Violence of our Desires

As March 4th quickly fades into the past, more statements have been released addressing the backlash to the walkout at CUNY Hunter.

The piece “Pushed by the Violence of our Desires” signed “by Some Queer Women of Color Brooklyn, New York”confronts the way race, gender and privilege has been used by those critical of the Hunter walkout in manipulative and dangerous ways

“Beware those who would deliver you a cheaper suicide” is an anonymous piece addressing the reactionary politics behind the backlash…

Pushed by The Violence of our Desires: A Statement Regarding March 4th.

we’re not just uncomfortable; we’re actually really angry about the way a small group of people, purporting to speak for the entire population of CUNY, has hijacked this rhetoric of talking about privilege and identity and deployed it in a fashion entirely too simplistic, generalized, and essentialist….

Blaming the escalation of tactics for our vulnerability completely denies the fact that it is the cops who are doing the arresting, the state that presses charges, and white supremacy that puts us more at risk for arrest…

Read the entire statement HERE


on march 4th the vanguard of submission (the I.S.O., maoist allies, & activist “organizers”) denounced the truly radical contingents that refused their policing.  confronted w/ a loss of power, the specialists of protest took every measure to sabotage those autonomous subjects who refused reification as objects in their “movement.”  the implications of possible native ‘uncontrollables’ being too much to bear, every student that called for concrete subversive action was branded an “outside agitator” or “agent provocateur.”

the comedy of all manner of guevara worshippers indicting anyone as an ‘outside agitator’ does not escape, but the implications of invoking this ever present counter-revolutionary watchword are sincere.  in such an invocation a real division is made clear:

on the one side: those who represent spectacular conflict, who play the approved role of a “social conscience,” who side with the police when sedition belongs to desire, not party functionaries.   this reformist bloc is committed to maintaining the reign of specialists, of even the school administration, for to question one hierarchy would counterfeit them all.  their role is essential in the mystification of progress.  “moralizing the marketplace,” wherein the world is delivered back into the hands of the same bosses who’ve decimated it, is the realm of this permitted resistance.

on the opposing side: those who would not separate revolution from daily life, those who refuse to be executed under the weight of “objective conditions,” but prefer to disrupt the continuity of the probable, the routine, the expected,  & explore the possible, who recognize that there is no dialogue in hierarchy/no democracy under bosses, who extend their critique to every wing of the commodity life & refuse the lure of “causes,” who recognize that there is no ‘outside’ because of this totality, who realize poetry in the lyricism of action, who accept no revolution but the revolution of all creative life.


at kronstadt, in catalonia, in budapest, in canton, in the paris of may, we have seen what happens to revolutionaries who dare to think they might speak for themselves, to think that they are best suited to quench their own passions.  the stalinists, maoists, trotskyists, & every other missionary of ideology revealed themselves as mouthpieces of the police in every instance.

the student organizer’s every word now serves authority in doing the work of isolating, identifying, & slandering those who actualized their critique.


the establishment & defense of fiefdoms is inherently reactionary.  the attitudes of territory are the attitudes of capital, of separation, that we must abolish within ourselves as well as without.  does a potato chip factory worker have only the right to seize the production of potato chips?  is he resigned to be a specialist of snack foods in revolt as well as under capital?  all space is social space.  its seizure & use is for all to realize as roles break down & separation disintegrates.  the university, then, is not exclusive to those allotted the title of student (or student of a particular institution) any more than the factory is exclusive to the factory worker.  for a ‘radical’ to protect his/her turf is to put each of us in our place the same as any boss or leader.

every monument to reification, to alienation, to boredom, to oppression, to submission, is rightfully & artfully destroyed.  the alienation of capital does not limit its borders to one school, to one city, to one country, to one class, or to one race.  its domination, its submission evangelism, is necessarily extended to every element of the social life.  thus, its sabotage, too, knows no borders.


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