A roundup of some of the Student Activity Globally since March 4

Austria: 10,000 students descend on anniversary party

Local organizers called for the main demonstration on March11th, knowing that the education ministers would arrive in the evening for celebrations. I believe all in all about 10,000 people followed the call and flooded the streets. Check out video by UNIRIOT

Florida: Cop shoots student in face, Students Storm Trustee Meeting

Adu-Brempong is an international graduate student from Ghana who was shot in the face by a University of Florida policeman. After receiving a call from a neighbor concerned that Adu-Brempong was screaming, due to stress over his studies and his immigration status, campus police stormed his apartment, tased him three times and then shot him in the face with an assault rifle.

Phillipines: Students Revolt at 2,000% Tuition Hike

The students, nearly a thousand of them, threw armchairs, tables and papers down to the ground floor and set these on fire. Many of them hanged streamers from the state university’s main building denouncing the proposal…

PUP is a state university where most of its students come from the poor. “PUP is supposed to be the most accessible university with its P12 tuition fee. What would happen now to our poor students and high school graduates? They have nowhere to go to,” said Chaser Soriano, student council president.

El Salvador: Occupation of Library (spanish)

After having successfully occupied the only public university in El Salvador, la Universidad de El Salvador, masked students some of whom were still in high school shut down the operations of the campus. This was a result of the fact that 12,500 students will not be admitted to the University of the 23,000 students that applied. Approximately 235 students engaged in the occupation which has come to an end this week and are facing disciplinary actions

UK: Snap Occupations at Sussex U

which turn into 8-day occupation that wins reinstatment! (thanks jk76)

Following a large demonstration against the suspension of the Sussex 6, hundreds of students staged a snap occupation in defiance of management and the state, following the granting of a High Court injunction banning ‘occupational protest.’ This turned into an 8-day occupation which won the reinstatement of the 6, and actions which are upping real student-worker-staff solidarity.

and in case u hadnt hurrrrd, people took over highways in California on March 4th, here is a good round up of the discussion about it compiled by our friends at occupyca.


1 Response to “A roundup of some of the Student Activity Globally since March 4”

  1. March 24, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    the snap occupation at Sussex Uni turned into an 8-day occupation in defiance of the High Court (contempt of court is an imprisonable offence) – and won the reinstatement of 6 students suspended after a previous occupation, the main demand. see: http://brightonsolfed.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/direct-action-gets-results-sussex-six-reinstated/

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