Generalized Fury on MTA cuts

Heads up to ny for those who didn’t know: Cuts of MTA subway lines are going into effect on June 27, 2010.

click on image for link to article on Raucous Rally in Queens against MTA cuts

Including raising fares, cutting bus lines, subway lines, reducing frequency of already-overcrowded trains, and attacking student fares, the MTA will lay off about 450 subway station agents (in addition to about 700 other employees). And probably hire twice as many pigs to squat happily around the corner from the turnstiles waiting for some poor motherfucker to slip over them. WE

HAVE JAILS TO FILL, right? and fewer and fewer jobs and schools…

Also, did we mention when this went down? — several arrests at a joke of a “public hearing” in brooklyn on the mta cuts on March 3rd  (precipitated by a woman attempting to speak, frustrated by the corrupt structure of the event): click here for a great vid of the event.

These disruptions followed generally consistent unrest, as exemplified by 5 solid minutes of booing at this MTA hearing, which we already posted a while back, but why not reminisce:


1 Response to “Generalized Fury on MTA cuts”

  1. 1 A.
    April 4, 2010 at 3:43 am

    I had an idea and i doubt anybody else would think this is a good idea, mostly because everybody else that wants “change” is just bitching and not willing to take action, so here I am.
    Instead of occupying a school, why not take a train? Imagine the havoc that would come from having people chained inside a train, along with people passing out pamphlets about the coming transit cuts and school metro card cuts. If you could get enough volunteers, we could liberate a whole train and show people that were responding to bullshit with bullshit.
    Opinions? Email me at the adress shown.

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