One Direction: Broke Rage in post election California

An awesome report on life and insurrection under the crisis economy (with a focus on California though much of this applies here in NY), as well as tactics and strategies to fight back!

via the amazing Modesto Anarcho Crew

Everything that we read and hear about in the mainstream media leads us to believe that the economy is in dire straights. That the excesses of our “socialist” government has pushed us into the red, and that immigrants, unions, and environmentalism are to blame. However, the truth is far from these myths being spun by right-wingers. The economy isn’t failing, in fact it’s doing quite well! You probably didn’t get the memo, but this quarter, Wall Street reported record profits. Meanwhile, many people fight just to get by. Lines for food donations this Thanksgiving stretch around the block in Modesto. Unemployed workers also must wait and see if the government will extend unemployment benefits in the next two days – the deadline being November 30th. As we speak, according to the newspaper Internationalism, “The official unemployment rate in the United States for March was already 10.2%, but if we count those who have given up looking for non-existent jobs, this number is raised to 11.5%, and if we add workers who are employed part-time because they can’t find full-time work, the number is 17.5% of the civilian population.” Meanwhile, prices continues to rise, homes continue to be foreclosed on, and millions are out of work as California has become a leader in unemployment.

Read the whole article here…

And Part 1:

“Losing our fear when there is nothing left to lose”


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